Body Weight Meets Pilates

Vegas baby…

I spent last weekend with a bunch of fitness pro’s at what we call a ‘Mastermind’. We basically lock ourselves in a conference room from 9-5 and figure out ways we can help you best.

But it’s not ALL work…

You’re probably waiting for some pictures of me dancing on a table top or in a fountain or something…like that’s totally my style (not).

Sorry to disappoint, no ‘Hang Over’ story for you, but I do have a workout instead.

Here’s my Cali friend, the Pilates Chick, Sylvia Favela and I. We had some fun enjoying Vegas night life, but we had equally as much fun in the gym.

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We were staying at the Bellagio and it seems that everyone decided to workout at the time we went. Go figure. We found a little spot in the corner and decided it’d be fun to do a bodyweight/pilates workout for you.

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Come to think of it, we’d have had more room in the massive hallways and corridors in that beautiful hotel. I did a workout with my pal, Mike Whitfield there, and I’ll have that coming up for you. Here I am actually hanging from a massive door jam doing pull ups:

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(So my ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ stories are a little different ….;)

Here’s our workout that we did together using only body weight. You can do this in your living room, or anywhere you have a bit of floor space…

We did a circuit in AMRAP fashion. What this means is ‘as many rounds as possible’. We set the clock for 20 minutes and just went from one exercise to the next.

We call this ‘Lucky #7‘:

  • 7 Swing lunges per leg (lunge forward on one leg, swing leg back and do a reverse lunge on the same leg)
  • 7 push ups
  • 7 bench step ups per side (holding weight is optional)
  • 7 prisoner squats (squats with hands behind head to squeeze upper back)
  • 7 full body extensions or squat jumps

We have a lower body focus with this workout.

Then because Sylvia is the master of the core, we finished up with:

7 Ab X-Cross

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knees bent up at table top, rotate towards opposite knee while opposite toe taps to floor

7 Ab X- Lift

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knees bent and together at table top position, lift chest up, lower both toes to floor to tap

7 Corset Cincher

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knees bent and together at table top position, lift chest up, extend arms over head and legs straight in front, sweep arms around back to start position

7 Scissors

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lay on side, bottom arm under head, one leg forward extended, bottom leg back extended, back and forth


After our workout, it was out again to enjoy Vegas. We ended up at ‘Twist’ at the Mandarin Oriental. Holy smokes it was yummy food there was some famous French chef (I should be ashamed I’ve forgotten his name…). The descriptions of the dishes were actually larger than the portion sizes. No wonder the French aren’t overweight…

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If you want more of Sylvia’s moves, I highly recommend her program. You can grab it HERE. (It’s actually 3 programs for an introductory price of less than $20)


If you want more bodyweight workouts, of course, you can grab mine HERE.

(These programs are  a great combination.)

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