Sore Back? Best Ab Move Ever

I often hear this from clients: I have a lot of back pain. I’m nervous to exercise and if I do, I’m not making much progress. What should I do?rick kaselj

I have a ‘go to’ answer and even a ‘go to’ expert. Here we are in Miami this January. We were out for dinner with a big group. We were in a cool restaurant and this graffiti was pool side, so I wanted to capture it with my Canadian pal, Rick Kaselj.

If you’re experiencing back pain, as long as other issues have been ruled out, it’s likely that the core could use some strengthening. Take a look at what I feel to be the best and safest ab strengthening exercise from Exercises for Injury guru, Rick .

These exercises are a great place to start, as your core strengthens, you’ll be able to increase intensity of the workouts and see some actual progress:

Rick suggests ‘planking’ to strengthen the core and back. If you can’t do the advanced moves in the video, just start with a static plank. From there, once you can do a static plank for about one minute, move to:

  • get ups (high plank to low plank)
  • mountain climbers
  • T planks

Ensure that your hips do NOT rock and that they stay stable. Widen the stance of the feet if necessary.

Rick is the master of pain 😉 Well, of ‘fixing’ your pain that is.

Check out Fix My Back Pain here.

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