Back Fat Workout Solution for Her

It’s been long established in the fitness industry that “spot reduction” of body fat is just not possible. Countless hours of sit-ups will not change your belly fat and multiple donkey kicks won’t actually slim your butt.

Well, time flows and research looks at all kinds of interesting things, and recent studies indicate that there is actually a ‘thermogenic’ effect when you train specific body parts.  Have you ever done a lot of arm work or pushups and noticed that your arms actually look a little flushed?  That’s increased blood flow to the area or “the thermogenic effect”.

Working single exercises like sit-ups and donkey kicks still won’t work but when you pair specific muscle group training in a metabolically challenging workout, you’ll actually have a good chance of improving that area!

Sweat and raising your metabolism are imperative. Hard work, heart pounding metabolic raising exercise can make a difference to specific “spots”.

None of us like back fat!  And now we can do something specific about it!

Set your timer for 30 seconds of work with a 10 second transition. Repeat this circuit three times through for just over 10 minutes of sweaty work.

  • wall sit stick up
  • DB row (weak side)
  • Db row (strong side)
  • squat jumps (full body extensions or squat jumps with shoe touch)
  • plank recovery

Take notice in particular of Shawna’s set up with the plank.  Doing this ‘hardstyle’ means you’ll be working intensely under ‘tension’.  Lock your shoulders back, tuck your elbows in tight, tense your legs and brace your abs hard.  It’ll feel harder than your usual plank but so worth it!  Oh, don’t hold your breath.

You can get rid of your back fat, or whatever  trouble spot area you’re looking to lose with  our fun and challenging workout series “Trouble Spot Training”.

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