A Strong Core is a Happy Core

One of the most important elements of any training program is the effective strengthening of your core muscles.


A strong core and solid foundation of shoulder and pelvic stability is a must for everyone who wants to remain injury free and retain good functional mobility in their body.


This short Pilates Finisher workout is taken from the 20 Minute Anti Aging Solution for Her program.  These Core Finishers are designed specifically for mature women although anyone of any age or gender will benefit from these exercises.


I recommend two different methods of bracing abs. The first is the contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. These are recruited by “drawing up” the inner muscles that control your bladder.


Our second method of bracing is gently pulling belly button to spine. This is an easier method of bracing during strong movements like planks. What I do want you to be careful of using this bracing method, is that you don’t want to pull in your stomach muscles and “bear down” on your pelvic floor. Lift your pelvic floor FIRST, then brace the stomach muscles for your best abdominal strengthening and pelvic floor protection.


Imagine the pelvic floor muscles as a round mini-trampoline made of firm muscle. Just like a trampoline, the pelvic floor is able to move down and up with tension. The trouble starts when that trampoline “mat” loses tension and is unable to adequately support the visceral organs and bladder in particular.  Although the pelvic floor is hidden from view, it can be consciously controlled and therefore trained, much like our arm, leg or abdominal muscles.


Whether you’re running, resistance training, picking up grand-kids, hiking, swimming or just pushing a shopping trolley around, you should always be thinking about “lengthening” through your spine and keeping abdominals braced.


20 Minute Anti-Aging Solution for Her Pilates Core Finisher:


Finisher 2:

Your goal should be quality not quantity.  If you feel benefit then do more reps if you want.  If it feels too hard, then do fewer reps.

Superwoman – 60 seconds

Glute Bridge with hip thrusts – 60 seconds

Bird Dog Left Leg – 30 seconds

Bird Dog Right Leg – 30 seconds

Elbow Plank – 60 seconds


I prefer that you listen to your body in terms of number of reps. You can follow along with the video for time or go with a suggested range of approximately 10 reps, but you should be aiming for quality over quantity. If you feel tired and feel that you’re losing control of the movement then stop and stretch. Return to the movement when you feel you can move with control.


I really want you to come out of these workouts feeling taller, stronger and more stable. You should see an increase in your strength, range of movement, pelvic floor control and an easing of muscular stiffness and strains.


If you’d like more Pilates Finishers then take a look at the 20 Minute Anti-Aging Solution for Her – workouts and nutrition tips for the mature woman.

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