Shawna Kaminski

Who Is Shawna Kaminski?

Shawna Kaminski Shawna Kaminski is a long time athlete with many accomplishments to her name.
  • National Canadian competitor in swimming & freestyle skiing
  • Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship Winner
  • Top 3 finisher in National Canadian Bodybuilding Championship for 3 years
  • Two-time overall winner of 'Toughest Calgarian Alive'
  • (This is a one day eight-event contest involving bench press, pull ups, shot putt, 100 m sprint, 100m swim, obstacle course, 5 km run, rope climb)
Shawna Kaminski enjoys intense weight training workouts. She sets physical goals for herself that men and women half her age would find challenging.

Watch here as Shawna Kaminski demonstrates a pull up challenge:

Shawna Kaminski is a long time educator and personal trainer and currently owns and operates Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp.
Shawna Kaminski - owner/operator of Calgary NW Fit Body
                    Boot Camp Shawna Kaminski is in her late forties and has a passion for helping women feel good in their own skin. She helps thousands of women through her blog and her products.

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Where Else Can I Read About
Shawna Kaminski?

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                     publications Shawna Kaminski is also a contributing author for many
Western Canadian magazines including;
  • Impact
  • Suburban Journals
  • Up Town
  • City TV
  • Calgary Herald