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We’ve Cracked The Code On How To Rebuild Your Metabolism & Look And Feel Younger Than Ever Without Starving Yourself Or Suffering Through Long Boring Workouts.

But first, why should you even listen to us?

Because we GET IT!


Hi, I’m Shawna K.,

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I have several degrees including a BEd, BKin along with too many certifications to mention.

I was a school teacher for 20 years and then parlayed my love of teaching to the fitness world.

Currently I run a fitness boot camp and have over 12 online coaching programs. I have 1000’s of clients around the world and have been featured on national television as the ‘fitness expert’.

More importantly, I’m a single working mom of 2 kids who always finds time for my own health and fitness and I want to share my experience and secrets with you!


Hi, I’m Lisa B.,

I’m a Personal Trainer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been in the fitness industry and I’ve run a successful fitness business for over 20 years having trained over a 1000 clients.

I’m a wife of nearly 30 years and mother of two and I walk the fitness walk every day.

I’m turning 50 this year and I share many of the same challenges and fears that you do. I’m a little stiffer these days getting out of bed, I don’t recover quite as quickly as I used to and I’m dealing with all those pesky hormones that plague women of our age. Despite these challenges, I’ll never quit moving! I love resistance training and boxing and see NO reason to ease back on my training. My goal is to be still doing handstand pushups when I’m 60.


We’re both busy women, just like you, but we know that health and fitness is totally ‘do-able’ and we want to share our proven ideas with you.

Here are two FREE reports that we’d like you to have.

Want to look and feel 10 years younger?

Here are 10 easy to follow tips that will turn back the hands of time.


Does your body feel like it’s slowing down and losing it’s youth?

Try these 5 Anti-Aging Hacks to look & feel 10 years younger almost immediately.

We have some great programs, where you can train along side us with follow along videos. You’re going to love them! You can check them out below.

Fat Loss
Over 40

Shawna has designed a very special kind of workout that increases your lean muscle tissue (and in turn, your “slowing” metabolism”) without gaining any “bulk” or bigger muscles.

She decided that no woman over 40 should ever have to deal with accumulating stomach-fat or a growing waistline when she had a secret, almost-instant solution right here, that would keep them lean, toned and sexy for as long as they do our short, easy to follow workouts.

And it was for that reason she created“Female Fat Loss Over 40″

Inside the official Female Fat Loss over 40 Workout Program, you’ll find all of your fat burning, waist-shrinking workouts, easily laid out inside for you so you can begin your workouts immediately — no confusion or questions left unanswered here.

You’ll also get VIDEO FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS to guide you. Shawna will be there for each and every workout to coach you along the way.

  • You’ll get Nutrition Trips with hard and fast rules for eating delicious food, without ever depriving yourself and watch the fat melt.
  • Follow the Nutrition Guidebook with week-long done for you meal plans. No guessing, just fast, effective fat loss.
  • Read the Sleep Manual which explains the important role sleep plays in your metabolism and weight loss journey. Follow her tips for a great nights sleep.
  • Take anywhere audio interval workouts to motivate you to your best body.
  • And 14 follow along video workouts featuring real women, showing you exactly how and what to do to modify and intensify each exercise.

The 20 Minute Anti-Aging Solution is designed for women who need a more gentle approach to their exercise. This is a progressive and gentle approach with NO chance of injury. Whether you’re recovering from injury or returning to exercise after years away, these workouts allow you modify all movement to keep you safe from injury. You’ll strengthen your body without strain on your joints or impact so that you’ll feel better immediately.

  • Full follow along video workouts suitable for the absolute beginner up to the intermediate exerciser
  • Every movement is do-able and there’s no getting up and down off the floor.
  • Program includes nutrition hints and tips to help you drop unwanted pounds effortlessly
  • Strengthen your core and ease stiffness with 5 mix’n’match Pilates Finishers, these also include follow along video workouts
  • Plus another 2 bonuses with video demonstrations on Essential Balance and Flexibility.
  • PLUS additional reports and a full exercise library with exercise pictures and descriptions. These bonuses alone will help you feel younger by reducing aches and pains almost overnight.


If you’re embarrassed and frustrated with those ugly ‘trouble spots’ you’ve been covering up, this program is for you.

Do you always wear sleeves because you’re embarrassed about your flabby, dimply arms? Would you love to wear a sleeveless, strappy top?

What about your tummy? Are you always looking to cover your flabby muffin top with loose shirts? Are you dreaming of flat, toned abs and just don’t know how to get them?

Or is it your legs and butt? Are you self-conscious about your cottage cheese legs and always cover up? Wouldn’t you love to wear shorts again and show your sleek, smooth skin?

Use the Female Fat Loss over 40 Bodyweight Trouble Spot Training 14 Day Action Plan and you’ll have the confidence in knowing the exact exercises in each routine will target the very spots that diminish YOUR self confidence.

And with the nutrition targeting cheat sheet, you’ll know exactly what you need to eat and what to avoid in order to turn your trouble spots into your sexiest assets.

You’ll get 3 follow along video workouts that will target the exact trouble spots that bother YOU.

These workouts take less than 20 minutes and don’t require any equipment or even much space.


Do you want to improve your posture, ease back pain and tone your stomach safely and effectively?

You’ll enjoy the easy pace of the Pilates program that includes both matwork and stability ball video-follow along workouts. Just follow the cues for correct breathing and abdominal bracing and you’ll finish the workout feeling taller, less stiff and stronger through your mid section.

You’ll be guided by 2 follow along video workouts, both 20 minutes in length, demonstrating mat exercises and stability ball for strength.

BRAND NEW Another NINE bonus workouts have just been added along with a demonstration video explaining your safest and most effective technique. Whittle your waistline with a choice of 10 minute, 15 minute or 20 minute workouts that will strengthen your whole body and also target areas of weakness like shoulders and hips.

You can use these workouts:

  • As your main workouts to improve core strength and stability
  • To “plug” these in after your main strength workouts
  • For a recovery day to stretch out stiff muscles and keep joints mobile

You can also enjoy these gently challenging workouts twice a week for improved pelvic floor strength and to ease back pain and stiffness.

These workouts will provide benefit to women of all ages, with minimal equipment and space.


This exclusive program provides up to the minute education, support, motivation and workouts designed to GET results.

You’ll receive all the workouts from the Ultimate Results program PLUS an additional 2 full workout and nutrition programs. That’s 82 days of metabolic, fat burning workouts along with follow along and instructional videos plus 6 nutrition bonuses and done for you meal plans!

All this, plus bonus reports on anti-aging and reversing the effects of menopause.

In addition to all this, you’ll also receive a new workout program every month for 6 months with progressive, resistance and bodyweight workouts that will challenge you and change your body.

And if you need motivation and support from your personal cheer squad we offer access to a totally private Facebook Accountability group.


This new and IMPROVED 21 day program lets you discover the ultimate combination of exercises designed SPECIFICALLY for women over 40. In addition, you’ll learn “what to eat” to have the nutritional direction you need to lose fat while still feeling satiated and energized.

  • The perfect 21 day workout program to let you LOOK and feel your best in only three weeks
  • Short, effective video workouts that will get you FIT and help you fit into your favourite clothes
  • 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss nutrition program that is proven to get your maximum results in minimum time
  • All new full follow along videos. Shawna motivates and instructs you through every rep and every set showing you how to modify and intensify every set. You’ll be leaner, fitter and tighter in just 21 days with this jump start program.
  • Travel Bonus includes a print & go guide so you never need miss a workout when travelling. You’ll receive 10 quick bodyweight circuits that work every muscle group along with 10 effective workouts that can be done in any hotel gym with only basic equipment.
  • Full exercise library with descriptions and photos
  • Plus Shawna’s best ever Travel Tips for eating and exercising on the road

You can also head to our blog femalefatlossoverforty.com/blog where you’ll find a ton of free content, workouts and videos, nutrition information and motivation.

Thanks for visiting this page, we’d really love to help you with your training to improve your healthy lifestyle.