Best Tummy Toning Exercise

You may be surprised at what the best tummy toning exercise is. Most people think it’s a crunch or sit up of some sort.


In fact, the best tummy toning exercise doesn’t involve any type movement and is actually quite static in nature. The best tummy toning exercise is an isometric contraction, or pose.


Are you curious?

best tummy toning exercise


Yep, this is it. The best tummy toning exercise out there.


This may come as a surprise to you. This exercise doesn’t involve any gizmo or gadget to buy. It doesn’t involve crunching or bending at the spine to create a ‘six pack’. It’s not glamorous or fancy. You don’t need to pay a trainer $100/hour to teach it to you.


It’s simple and straight forward. Maybe the simplicity of it is what throws most. How can this be the best tummy toning exercise?


Well, let me tell you…


Your abdominal wall consists of four muscles. The one that’s the most neglected is called the transverse abdominus. This is a shy muscle that runs horizontally:


The transverse abdominus provides support sort of like those kidney belts that you see the people at Home Depot wearing. This muscle supports the core from the front, side and back. I say it’s a shy muscle, because the other ab muscles tend to take over in any abdominal movement unless you learn to engage this muscle.


If you’ve had any sort of abdominal trauma or surgery (yes, a C section is both traumatic and a surgical procedure!), you likely don’t know how to engage the shy little transverse abdominus. The body is brilliant in that it actually stops firing this muscle to protect you in the case of trauma or surgery so that you don’t further injure yourself. The trouble is that once the trauma has past, the muscle will not fire on it’s own unless you specifically get it trained to. The plank is a brilliant exercise to help you get that muscle turned on again.


Here’s a short video showing you the correct form, ways to modify and intensify for the best tummy toning exercise:



Don’t be fooled. Don’t think that you need to do spine bending crunches that potentially damage your neck and back in order to have a flat tummy. You need to do calorie burning metabolically challenging work, like the workouts here, as well as this best tummy toning exercise.




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