Fire Your Physio (simple shoulder pain solutions)

Aches, pains and niggles – we all have them.


I wanted to share a quick and easy shoulder release technique with you today and all you need is a small, firm ball.


Muscle releases are not fun – they can be quite painful.  But they WORK.


You can use either a spikey ball or firm ball to apply pressure.  One of the MOST common tight areas I see with my female clients is just behind the top of the arm near the crease of the armpit.


You can position the ball under your shoulder either lying down (as per image) or standing pressed up against a wall.

Infraspinatus release


Move the ball around and look for the ‘hot spot’, you’ll know it when you find it, trust me!  Take a big breath in and apply as much pressure as you can stand, exhaling strongly.  Hold for as long as you can and you should feel the ‘heat’ start to go out of the tight spot. Try repeating this for up to 2 minutes.


Anyone can do this, at virtually any time, even if you work in an office. Try doing this at least once a day, for up to 7 days if your shoulders are very tight.  Some of you may need to do this daily, depending on how physical you are or how round shouldered you are. Forget expensive visits to the physio, you can do this for yourself.


It’s not a comfortable release but it works like MAGIC.


Give it a go and let me know how it works for you.


You can find more practical, easy solutions for tight shoulders here.


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