Female Fat Loss Over 40 (Is Possible!!)

As you know, my passion is to help  you as much as possible. I know that fitness and fat loss is likely your goal  and you sometimes feel a bit hopeless.

I sometimes wonder what good I’m doing behind this laptop, pounding out email after email and blog post after blog post. So, sometimes I feel a bit helpless in my quest to help you.

Then, every now and again, I get to meet someone that changes that feeling for me. I get renewed hope that all my efforts aren’t lost…It so happened that I wanted to drop off a book to one of the coolest clients I have. She’s always there for me to help out in a pinch with handing keys off to my other trainer for boot camp. Generally Jolleen’s the most enthusiastic boot camper I have and a good reason for me to get outta bed at 4:25 am every day.

She wasn’t home at the time, but her mom came to the door. Joyce (the ‘mom’) was visiting to help Jolleen with some house hold chores  (obviously Jolleen comes from  good stock!).

We exchanged greetings and I gave Joyce the book to give to Jolleen and wanted to tell Joyce what a great daughter she had. Joyce proceeded to lay into me….

She began with how much I’d helped Jolleen with her fitness and lifestyle changes and then started in with her own story.

Joyce had tried a number of things to lose weight with no luck. Jolleen was getting worried for her, so she turned her onto my Female Fat Loss Over Forty program.

Take a look at Joyce before she started my program:Take a look at her now, and over 13 pounds of mostly abdominal fat loss later:

Joyce told me this:

I just want to thank you Shawna for the 21 day diet for weight loss. My daughter Jolleen sent it to me and I started it on July 2nd. It is the greatest way of eating that I have had and have succeeded in losing pounds and inches. I am also riding my exercise bike for 10 km. a day. Just started the exercises you posted for bad bra fat. I met you last weekend and I now know why Jolleen thinks you are the greatest. I will keep you posted when I reach my goal as I am not giving up on this mission. Thanks again you are awesome.

Joyce Shafer from Saskatoon

I wanted to share this real life story with you.

There is hope for you if you feel like you can’t meet your fat loss and fitness goals…

And I felt SO GOOD to hear Joyce’s story. It’s nice to know that all my efforts are helping those of you that follow my advice.

If you’re looking for a program to do at home that’s easy to follow and gets you results, you really owe it to yourself to check this out.

If you have a story to share, please let me know! I’d love to feature you on the blog to inspire others, don’t be shy!

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