Sore Knee Solutions

Are your knees sore? Are you avoiding certain exercises due to sore knees? Many of my clients avoid squats and lunges completely and I’m here to say you’re making a mistake.


Thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks this. My good friend and exercise rehab specialist, Rick Kaselj and I agree.


Rick is probably one of the hardest working guys in my mentorship group that I  meet with. We have a google group and he’s constantly on the forum answering our questions. He’s always on the hunt for the newest, latest and greatest info. In fact, once we were out for dinner in Las Vegas and he whipped out his notebook, that he always carries with him and started writing notes on what someone was talking about.


Rick is super dedicated. He knows his stuff and I trust him, Nuff said, other than you should trust him too.


Check out the video here:


Here’s a little more about Rick and his program:


Knee Injury Solution is strongly focused on ACL and ligament injuries of the knee.  In the program, there are four workouts.  One improves range of motion of the knee, one focuses on improving walking, one focuses on strengthening the knees and the last one focuses on a warm-up routine you can do to prevent knee injuries.


Rick Kaselj is a personal trainer in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in designing exercise programs for clients recovering from injuries.  Rick has trained thousands of clients and completed his Master’s of Science degree focusing on injury recovery.  Rick shares with other fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts, the exercises he uses for knee injuries in the Knee Injury Solution programs.


You’ll notice that I endorse a number of peeps on my blog. I’m here to show you the best of the best, not to tell you that you need to buy every program. I have many that can benefit from this, so I’d be doing you a disservice by NOT showing you what’s out there.


You can get Rick’s program here.




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