The one where Shawna and Lisa chat….

From Lisa Bullock

Shawna and I chat regularly by Skype – we’re in different hemispheres but living parallel lives.  Our kids are similar ages and our attitudes to training are like peas in a pod!

So what do Fat Loss Experts chat about when they Skype? Um, like fat loss, duh! (and workout gear, colourful training shoes and throwing pink dumbells out the window and other cool stuff!).

This is a long interview – but we cover a lot of ground with great strategies for approaching healthy training and lifestyle choices.  Grab a cup of green tea and join us as we discuss fat loss for women and why we’re so passionate about empowering women to be their best selves!

We cover areas like:

  • the satisfaction that transfers to all areas of your life when you achieve personal fitness goals and the confidence that comes with that
  • reiterating the science behind shorter intense workouts instead of slow state cardio that just doesn’t make changes to your body
  • combining “muscular” movement with metabolic bursts for best fat loss – intensity is one of our fave words
  • a fabulous workout can happen in your lounge room – no need for expensive equipment and pricey gym memberships
  • the importance of looking after your body to prevent injury but always progressing – look for the challenge at your own fitness level and keep improving
  • why the follow along videos are such a great feature of the Challenge Fat Loss workouts – modifications,  technique and pace
  • why a mirror is our best friend for good technique (just don’t stare at your thighs!!!!)
  • why we want women to be strong in their training and their self belief
  • the older we get the more consistent and diligent we need to be – 20 minute workouts allow us to be time and fitness effective
  • the more muscle you have the more calories you can consume and the easier it is to maintain a healthy body weight

Take a look at Shawna’s Challenge Fat Loss workouts featuring all the benefits we discussed and more – be quick because this week ONLY it’s on sale for HALF the usual price!

  • 16 follow along videos for use at home with minimal equipment
  • Print and go workout plans to accompany videos
  • Progress assessments and charts
  • Exercise library
  • 48 Hour Challenge Diet (14 day plan)





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