How to recover from your Halloween ‘hangover’

So, how was your Halloween?  Nursing a sugar hangover today?  Doesn’t feel great does it.

Remember how last time you promised yourself you’d never do that again?

Sugar’s addictive nature can be as powerful as a drug. In fact, as you’ll learn in the video below, sugar works on part of the brain in the same way that cocaine does.

Sugar is one of the toughest drugs to “withdraw” from because it’s socially acceptable and easy to find.  In fact it’s hidden in most everyday food products.  But the bottom line is, living a (almost) sugar free life makes for abundant energy, glowing skin, and a much better looking and feeling body.

Shawna shared this video with me about sugar from UK entertainer John Oliver (very funny in parts, very non PC in others – love that British cheekiness!).  I thought you’d find it amusing and hugely educational too.

As well, read about Pam below and see how she BEAT sugar and her weight issues with THIS.

Pam knew that sugar was a huge problem for her. She was 5’1″ and weighted in at 191 pounds.  She’d tried everything she could think of… including what could be considered one of the most dangerous weight loss methods –  gastric bypass surgery.

While this surgery is recommended in extreme circumstances there are all the inherent risks of surgery and recovery.  Most people feel exhausted afterwards and nothing about this surgery addresses the “addictive” nature of food and how to re-learn healthy and natural eating habits. In fact, gastric by-pass surgery is probably one of the least effective methods for long term, healthy fat loss.  It’s much like a fad diet. It’s got nothing to do with long term, sustainable and permanent change.

Despite surgery and temporarily reaching her weight loss goals – the weight crept back – not some.  All of it.

Finally she started this simple approach at 191 pounds.

She had astonishingly steady success: losing 13 pounds and stripping off even more inches in the first 12 weeks.  She went on to place 2nd in the over 40 category of the 20th TT Transformation Contest.

Finally everything changed: for the good.  When you look at Pam’s pictures now, you’ll see proof that she’s turned around what could have been a disastrous health situation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.30.08 pm

She glows with health and happiness, and she loves eating without obsessing about when and what to eat.

You can have the same success as Pam and overcome your cravings and so much more.

You can get a kickstart in just 3 days by getting started here.

Meeting your fat loss goals is so much easier when you feel in control of cravings, have direction and stop obsessing over food.

If you want to get back on track: look at this.

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