An ounce of prevention saves pounds on your hips!

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Alcohol and weight loss don’t particularly go together but at this time of year, a drink or three is pretty much inevitable.


As always, an ounce of prevention will save a pound (or three) on your hips so give these tips a go for Christmas and New Years and stay in control of your health, your weight loss and your next-morning “wellness”.


Never go to a party with an empty stomach!  Never, ever, ever!  Even if you’ve been ‘good’ all day and have saved your calories for a treat meal, you’re better off with something in your stomach.  Even if it’s just a protein shake before you leave home.  Fatty foods and dense carbs will help to reduce the absorption of alcohol, but think healthy choices rather than pizza on the run.


Did you know that the more bubbly the drink, the faster you absorb alcohol?  Not just champagne, but mixers too with your spirits.


Choose your poison – here’s a list of spirits from worst hangover causing drinks to least. Bourbon, whiskey, brandy, rum, red wine, white wine, gin and vodka. The British Medical Journal did tests that showed drinking bourbon is twice as likely to cause a hangover than the same amount of vodka.


Buy the best you can afford; just like your exercise, it’s quality over quantity always!


Sip slowly and enjoy whatever your drinking.  Like a cheat meal, take time to savour!


And because your healthy mantra with both food and drink is “never starved, never stuffed” (you remember that one, right?) you’ll remember to drink in moderation.  Demonstrating your best handstands in a party dress will be  memorable indeed for your office colleagues – just not a lot of fun the next day (or next performance review).


And if all else fails, and Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits gets you grooving along with a leetle too much of the cup that cheers, then it’s damage control time.


Water, water, and more water is the fastest answer!


Consider taking a B12 vitamin supplement as soon as you get up and get some simple sugars into your system.  A glass of fruit juice can help to burn off the alcohol in your system rapidly.  Branch Chain Amino Acids have also been shown to restore electrolyte balance and may be of benefit.


Follow that with a coffee chaser and anti-inflammatory and you’re nearly ready for the gym!


Eating well and managing your weight should be sustainable, so enjoy the party season.  If you know you’re going out, manage your calories carefully beforehand and the day after.  Sneak in some quick workouts (these are perfect for this time of year) and see the New Year in without extra pounds on your tummy.


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