4 Bodyweight Knee Saver Exercises


I’ve got a great article from Guru Rick Kaselj today taking you through 4 Bodyweight Knee Saver Exercises.
These are 4 exercises that you can go through anywhere that help strengthen that knees in order to save your knees from knee pain or a knee injury.


#1 – Bodyweight Squat

The key things that we want to consider are the feet are wide, toes are slightly out, and ideally the hips just pass the knees so that you will be working your hamstrings and glutes as you are coming down and back up. 5 -10 reps is great.

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#2 – Bodyweight Single Leg Deadlift

It’s useful to hold on to something with this exercise, it’s not so much balance here, but strength and focus for the targeted muscles. Note the position of the exercise, the knee of the supporting leg is slightly bent or “soft” with head, upper body and leg in a straight line.  When standing she returns to a tall posture.

This is another great exercise for hamstrings and glutes (bum and back of thighs).  5-10 reps is a good range to shoot for with excellent technique.​

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# Bodyweight Full Body Extension 

One way to think about this exercise is you are creating waves. First squatting and then driving your hands overhead like you are making a wave. Work on 5 to 10 slow repetitions. A partial squat is fine for this movement as well when cardio and speed is your main focus.

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# Bodyweight Single Leg Squat

Use a support, because once again the focus is strength and control,not just balance.  Keep the upper body tall and foot flat on the floor. Sit bottom back and “hinge” through the hip to get depth in the bent leg.  5-10 reps is great, this is a strong exercise.

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Well, there you go. Give the 4 Bodyweight Knee Saver Exercises a go and let me know how that goes for you.
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