How to get an effective back workout with little or no equipment

One of the most important but challenging muscle groups to work without equipment is your back.  Building a strong back helps you with great posture, balances tight chest muscles (and most of us are VERY tight through the front of our bodies), relieves stress through the neck and creates great pulling strength. If you don’t have access to a gym with a chin-up bar or cable rowing machines then it can get tough to get an effective strength workout in your back.


Or is it?


If you don’t have any equipment at home, then we generally recommend prisoner squats.  The position of lifting the arms and linking the hands behind the head creates tension through the upper back and provides a great bodyweight alternative.  Make sure you keep your elbows wide and your eyes forward – the last thing we want is for you pull your head forward creating more stress through the neck.

And of course you can use the bodyweight alternatives for bent over rows mimicking the dumbbell movement and ensuring that both shoulder blades are pulled down and squeezed together.  Keep your chest open, bum back and spine in a long neutral position.  Even without weights, this can be a tough exercise for many woman to perform properly!

renegade rowLawnmowers are a bodyweight renegade row movement.  You can do these from a plank position either on your knees or toes or even using an incline bench.  Pull the elbow close to the ribs and slide your shoulder blades toward your spine and down into your back pocket.  If you own dumbbells – even better!

A resistance band or theraband takes little space and is super cheap to purchase.  Ask your physio for therabands and your local discount store is sure to stock resistance bands for less than $10. Wrap them around a convenient pole or secure in a doorway  making sure the door is locked securely! To work your back at different angles vary the height you’ve anchored the band at – waist height or head height will give you great muscle recruitment.

And if you don’t have access to any equipment at all, the use of a pillowcase or even a towel can give you a great rowing action.  Set your feet close to the anchor point as shown, lean back into a straight plank position keeping abs tight and pull your elbows alongside the ribs to get a great back squeeze.  Always remember that the area of tension should occur south of your bra strap NOT around your neck muscles.

There you have it, some super easy ways to swap out back exercises when you don’t have equipment.

Oh, remember that you can use these alternatives with any of Shawna’s programs.  You can find them HERE.

  • Challenge Fat Loss
  • Pull up Challenge
  • Challenge Jump Rope
  • Challenge Burpee
  • Challenge Complexes
  • The 21 Day Challenge Diet Boot Camp Challenges
  • And Female Fat Loss Over 40
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How to recover from your Halloween ‘hangover’

So, how was your Halloween?  Nursing a sugar hangover today?  Doesn’t feel great does it.

Remember how last time you promised yourself you’d never do that again?

Sugar’s addictive nature can be as powerful as a drug. In fact, as you’ll learn in the video below, sugar works on part of the brain in the same way that cocaine does.

Sugar is one of the toughest drugs to “withdraw” from because it’s socially acceptable and easy to find.  In fact it’s hidden in most everyday food products.  But the bottom line is, living a (almost) sugar free life makes for abundant energy, glowing skin, and a much better looking and feeling body.

Shawna shared this video with me about sugar from UK entertainer John Oliver (very funny in parts, very non PC in others – love that British cheekiness!).  I thought you’d find it amusing and hugely educational too.

As well, read about Pam below and see how she BEAT sugar and her weight issues with THIS.

Pam knew that sugar was a huge problem for her. She was 5’1″ and weighted in at 191 pounds.  She’d tried everything she could think of… including what could be considered one of the most dangerous weight loss methods –  gastric bypass surgery.

While this surgery is recommended in extreme circumstances there are all the inherent risks of surgery and recovery.  Most people feel exhausted afterwards and nothing about this surgery addresses the “addictive” nature of food and how to re-learn healthy and natural eating habits. In fact, gastric by-pass surgery is probably one of the least effective methods for long term, healthy fat loss.  It’s much like a fad diet. It’s got nothing to do with long term, sustainable and permanent change.

Despite surgery and temporarily reaching her weight loss goals – the weight crept back – not some.  All of it.

Finally she started this simple approach at 191 pounds.

She had astonishingly steady success: losing 13 pounds and stripping off even more inches in the first 12 weeks.  She went on to place 2nd in the over 40 category of the 20th TT Transformation Contest.

Finally everything changed: for the good.  When you look at Pam’s pictures now, you’ll see proof that she’s turned around what could have been a disastrous health situation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.30.08 pm

She glows with health and happiness, and she loves eating without obsessing about when and what to eat.

You can have the same success as Pam and overcome your cravings and so much more.

You can get a kickstart in just 3 days by getting started here.

Meeting your fat loss goals is so much easier when you feel in control of cravings, have direction and stop obsessing over food.

If you want to get back on track: look at this.

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Best Warm Up Ever

It’s really important to prepare your body for your workout.  You need to warm your muscles in preparation for exertion and by doing so you’ll reduce the possibility of injury.  Always spend at least 3-5 minutes warming up.  Your warm-up exercises need to be dynamic in nature, avoid static stretching when your muscles are cold.  Try and work through full range of motion for all bodyparts.

Here’s the progression where you’ll do 5-10 reps of each and go through this series twice:

  • arm circles (both directions)
  • bodyweight squat (work into depth)
  • squat with overhead arm hold
  • prisoner position reverse lunge
  • walk out to spider crawl
  • SCREACH (Spiderman Climb with Reach)
  • modified push ups
  • walk in to jumping jacks or step jacks
  • squat jumps

A great warm-up deserves a great training program.

If you’re interested in my holding your hand through your training and nutrition for 90 days (for about $3 a day), then click here to apply for the VIP group coaching program. You’ll get both Shawna and my support, along with the support and motivation of like-minded women to help YOU meet your health goals. This is a closed group and you’ll get access by application only, there are a limited number of spots so that you’ll get more personal attention.

Or you can follow along with workout videos at Female Fat Loss over 40.  For even more great workouts you can check out our Ultimate Results System or for a 6 month progressive plan look at our Inner Circle Fat Burning Workouts.  And if you need help training those pesky trouble spots, try the Trouble Spot Training 14 Day Plan.

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VIP On-Line Group Coaching 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 6.35.26 pm

I’m currently accepting applications for a brand new and awesome group coaching program.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the program:

  1. The purpose of this group is to CHALLENGE and IMPROVE your current fitness level (obviously).
  2. We’ll undertake satisfying and do-able workouts together, any fitness challenges are totally scalable – you are competing with YOURSELF.
  3. You’ll get a NEW program every 30 days.
  4. You’ll be ACCOUNTABLE to me and the group for your daily training.
  5. I’m looking for people with similar goals because this is the ‘secret sauce’ to making things work.
  6. We’ll address your nutrition needs with a doable plan. (Your physique WILL change – for most of you that means FAT LOSS.)
  7. As for nutrition – you’ll get a proven plan, get support and report in daily.
  8. You need to be able to commit to this process for 90 days.
  9. You need to be SERIOUS about your goals.
  10. This coaching plan will get you through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – the time of year nearly everyone puts on weight.

If you think that this is something that you’d like to get in, you can APPLY HERE.

But you should know that enrolment is limited.

It’s JUST me coaching you (Shawna will pop in occasionally to visit with us), so I need to keep the group at around 10 – 20 committed people. That’s why I’ll ask for applications and screen carefully to ensure that everyone is a good fit. I won’t invite you into the group if I don’t think you can benefit.

Group coaching is amazing – it’s called ‘peer pressure’, so in addition to being accountable to ME, the angel/devil on your shoulder, you’ll have the group on your side too 😉

If you want to work together for 90 days with other like minded people to help you meet your fitness and fat loss goals, then be ready to fill in the application.

It’s a 90 day commitment.

The program runs from November 2nd to January 24th.

Anyone who says, ‘oh but it’s Christmas’, or ‘I can’t train through the holidays’ – this is NOT for you.

This group will FIND A WAY to train and eat reasonably so that you’ll conquer your training and weight issues through every holiday in these 90 days.

The total ONE-TIME investment is $297 for all 90 days and a one-time investment is the only option. This shows me you’re really serious this time, which is the only people I want to work with.

Still reading? Good – you’re one of the few. (In fact, you can’t even invest until I approve your application.)

Click on the link below to apply and I’ll see if we’re a good fit.

And at the end of the next 90 days, you’re going to look and feel completely different.

Just imagine it – looking and feeling your best ever at Christmas and starting the New Year as a NEW YOU.

Click here to apply for the Elite Coaching Program



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Sweet Alternatives to Sugar

Do you have a ‘go to’?

You know, something or someone that you can rely on no matter what?

Well, Rick Kaselj is my ‘go to’ for injury prevention and rehab.

Turns out that Rick is a man of many talents. Today he has an article about sugar ‘go to’ substitutes for us. 

Now this may seem random, but you may be surprised to know that excess sugar consumption can play into inflammation in the body and worsen any injury, so it makes sense that Rick would know lots about the topic.

If you have chronic pain, it can be related to your nutrition.

Whether you have an injury to take care of, or you need to find a sugar substitute, Rick has a great article and surprising sugar news below….

Your Guide to Healthy Sugar Substitutes

By Rick Kaselj

People may add sugar to many different types of foods they eat on a daily basis including breakfast cereals and home-baked items like scones, cakes, muffins, pies, rolls, cookies and biscuits. In addition, sugar is a common ingredient in many processed foods. For instance, many processed foods already come with a high amount of processed, white sugar. Beverages, sodas and juices can also contain large quantities of refined sugar.

Refined or processed sugar has been stripped of nutrients and is typically a large amount of empty calories. To further compound the problem associated with refined or table sugar, consumption of these refined sugars can lead to inflammation and an unhealthy lifestyle. The lack of valuable calories in sugar make its consumption even more alarming based on the amount of food items and drinks that list this type of sugar as an ingredient.

To get processed sugar looking white and clean as it typically does when bought from the grocery store, there are mechanical processes that are used to systematically change the form of the sugar. Thankfully, there are healthier, all-natural sugar substitutes which could be used instead.

Some of these alternative sugars may be healthier than others depending on factors that include their glycemic index ratings. By seeking all-natural sugar substitutes, the body is allowed to enjoy sugar directly from its source and in its natural or organic state.

Free from nutrient-stripping processes, the following all-natural sugar substitutes can help push you further along the path of healthy living:

1. Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut is related to many healthy food choice options including coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water and also coconut palm sugar. The sugar from the coconut plant is in its pure, natural form and is retrieved as sap. It has the same sweetness of brown sugar and when the evaporated sap is collected, it also resembles the brown appearance of processed brown sugar. However, all-natural coconut palm sugar retains all nutrients while maintaining a lower score on the glycemic index than more commonly used sugar.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.40.52 pm

There could be concerns about the coconut plant not being able to produce other products after the sap is retrieved. Hence, it can be useful and beneficial for sustainability purposes to also consider other types of all-natural sugar substitutes as well. In addition, although it is a natural sugar, this sugar substitute does still have a significant calorie count and as a result, it should be added sparingly to foods and beverages.

2. Stevia

The green stevia plant with its white flowers is a good source of natural sugar. A naturally sweet herb, stevia is hundreds of times sweeter that typical processed sugar versions. It can be acquired in the form of an extract and may also be used in combination with other sweeteners.

Completely natural, stevia sugar substitute is able to maintain blood glucose levels while table sugar can make you crash afterwards due to the spike in a person’s blood levels. More good news regarding Stevia is its zero calorie content and no glycemic impact.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.41.16 pm

As more people become conscious of their health, they are opting for sugar options that do not involve refined, white sugar and are using other natural options such as stevia or agave nectar [1]. This substitute is gaining even more popularity each day.

3. Luo Han Guo

This all-natural sugar substitute has Asian origins and is also associated with stevia. You do not need a lot of Luo Han Guo when baking or in beverages. It has a sweetness level of at least 300 times sweeter that the typical processed sugar you would use. Hence, a little Luo Han Guo goes a long way.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.41.28 pm

You could also sprinkle Luo Han Guo on cereal and notice the reduction in the amount of sugar that may be needed. Despite being in existence for a very long time, this all-natural sugar-substitute is gradually beginning to make its existence known to the rest of the Western world [2].

4. Erythritol

This type of all-natural sugar can be found in different types of fruits and it has no calories. This is very attractive for any table sugar substitute as the calorie count in table sugar is one of the reasons why it has a negative impact on a person’s weight. Erythritol is actually a sugar alcohol and is over 50% sweeter than table sugar. Hence, you do get significant sweetness when using a small quantity of this sugar alcohol.

There may be a cooling effect when using Erythritol and this may not be a desired effect. Also, there can be issues related to using Erythritol including its tendency to crystallize. Thus, when using this sugar-substitute for baking and other cooking, care should be applied regarding oven or cooking temperature to prevent foods from drying out.

Other table sugar substitutes may have laxative effects but there are usually no side effects when using Erythritol [3]. This is great news especially given the fact that fruits and vegetables which contain erythritol are readily available.

5. Xylitol

This is also an attractive substitute as a result of the reduced calorie count that it provides when consumed. Processed sugar provides almost double the amount of calories contained in Xylitol. Hence, if weight loss is a key factor, seeking such substitutes with zero calorie counts can be optimal. Fruits and vegetables can produce Xylitol.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.41.39 pm

In addition, Xylitol has properties that protect the body from bacteria. There are sugar-free uses for Xylitol including use in candies, mints, chewing gum and similar food items and there are also other benefits of this sugar alcohol including the prevention of middle ear infection and a source of energy in certain foods. Apart from the natural occurrence of this sugar substitute, it is also believed to be safe for consumption, tastes great and is convenient for use.

6. Chicory Root

Another healthier sugar option is chicory root. As a natural dietary fibre, the chicory root substitute for table sugar provides the same sweetness without the empty calories and in most cases, the chicory root will not leave an after-taste in your mouth.

Highlights of the chicory root include the absence of an impact on blood sugar levels after consuming this natural sugar. Beyond the use of chicory root as a sweetener, there are also other health benefits of this food item including the provision of support to problems with the liver, support for digestion and antioxidant properties [6].

7. Agave Nectar

Although this natural sugar substitute does have more calories than processed sugar, it is much sweeter than processed table sugar and as a result you only have to use a little at a time. Another benefit of using agave nectar as a processed sugar substitute is the presence of prebiotics or a dietary fibre that is good for your intestines.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.41.53 pm

A highlight of agave nectar is that it is able to dissolve relatively quickly and this is great for use in drinks or foods that are not hot or warm. Thus, a cold beverage could benefit from this natural sweetener. It also has a neutral taste and this is great because you are then able to taste the other flavors in the food or drink in which the nectar is used.

Agave nectar has a low glycemic index as a result of the high-fructose component it has. Hence, if you do use the naturally occurring agave nectar, you should only use small amounts. Other table sugar substitutes like organic maple syrup can another option. The ultimate goal is to refrain from using processed, white sugar.

As a result of the alterations to organic sugar sources such as cane sugar, processed, white sugar is left with little or no useful calories. Hence, this does nothing good for the body. Consuming excessive amounts of processed sugar options or foods that contain processed sugar can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle in which the body is in a less optimal state. Thus, if you have been dreaming of a way to consume sugar in a healthier way, sugar substitutes that are natural and free from processing are available. Your dreams can come true with any of the mentioned all-natural sugar substitutes.

The availability of these substitutes may broaden your cooking, baking, meal and beverage options too. Perhaps you have stayed clear of tempting baked treats as a result of the less healthy ingredients used. Well, join the fun and be part of a large number of people who are now able to enjoy foods with all-natural and healthier sugar ingredients, especially when compared with refined table sugar.

Gone are the days when people had no choice but to indulge in treats and beverages that are loaded with processed sugar. Those who want healthier sugar options can raise their hands in joy as they explore the exciting world of all-natural sugar substitutes.

If you’re looking for all natural foods that will help you with your joint pain, then check out:

 Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.42.04 pm

Along with sugar, other foods cause chronic inflammation and joint pain.

Click here to find out the Top 3 Deceptive Foods That Inflame Your Body Causing Chronic Inflammation & Painful Joints

Let’s attack your pain from every angle, avoiding certain foods and adding others to your diet will help your workout performance and even how your jeans fit.

You’ll be surprised: READ THIS

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3 ways to modify your workout

I asked fellow Aussie and good mate of mine, Kate Vidulich, if she’d offer some helpful hints and tips for modifying workouts for beginners or less experienced exercisers.  So over to Kate for her take on exercise modifications and when to use them.  Take it away Kate!

Guest Post: Kate Vidulich, Bodyweight Cardio 500

Have you ever looked a workout and thought to yourself “I could never do that”?

Yeah, me too.

You might have been injured, accidentally taken a long layoff from training or just simply feel intimidated. I get it.

It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is right now, there will always be that “scary” looking program that seems too hard.

But often, it’s not as bad as you think.

The most important thing is to get started and do something… that’s where the magic happens.

Remember, every exercise can be modified to suit your current fitness level, so that you can get in the game.

Here’s my top 3 ways to make your workout easier:

1. Avoid jumping and high impact exercises  

Go for the joint friendly approach. You can substitute any jump squat with a total body extension, or “step out” a burpee or jumping jack instead of jumping.

You still get the fat burning benefits. And this pretty much goes without saying… but you should never ever do jumping exercises when you’re fatigued. This leads to bad form and bad form leads to injury

Here’s a non-impact cardio workout you can try:

8 Minute Power Cardio Workout

Do each exercise for 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest, for 2 rounds. If your form gets sloppy, take a quick break.
A) Squats x 30s
– Rest 30s
B) Plank x 30s
– Rest 30s
C) Total body extension x 30s
– Rest 30s
D) Power Punches x 30s
– Rest 30s

2. Rest Longer between Sets & Do Less Rounds

This tip has two parts – so I guess I’m cheating now… 😉

Obviously, less conditioned women need longer recovery periods. If that’s you, rest longer until you’re fully recovered.

Even taking just 2 weeks off exercise, because you have the flu, is enough time to lose your conditioning. Sad, but true folks. So don’t beat yourself up about feeling out of shape.

You can also do fewer rounds of the circuit. Start by doing one less round and see how you feel. One thing you must always pay attention to is your form. If you get fatigued and become sloppy, that is a big warning sign to slow down or stop and take a quick break.

Remember we’re aiming for workout quality. The goal is to challenge yourself in a safe environment. Poor form does not help you accelerate fat loss results; it will only send you to the ER.

3. Play it smart

I always tell new clients at my bootcamp to go 50% on the first workout, whether they are fit or not. It’s very important to monitor how you feel. Getting dizzy and feeling sick is not cool. End of story.

Now, one last tip about keeping your workouts – don’t worry what other people around you are doing. Remember, everyone is different, so what’s easy for one person may be hard for another, and vice versa.

The important thing to know is that the workout intensity YOU put into it is what YOU are going to get out of it.

Get Progressive ZERO Equipment Workouts that take 20 minutes or less

And don’t worry, if you’re a beginner, I’ve got you covered. You’ll start off with non-impact exercises, burning 300 calories a workout without jumping, lunges or burpees…

Have an awesome day!

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT
Exercise Physiologist
Creator of Bodyweight Cardio 500

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Back Fat Workout Solution for Her

It’s been long established in the fitness industry that “spot reduction” of body fat is just not possible. Countless hours of sit-ups will not change your belly fat and multiple donkey kicks won’t actually slim your butt.

Well, time flows and research looks at all kinds of interesting things, and recent studies indicate that there is actually a ‘thermogenic’ effect when you train specific body parts.  Have you ever done a lot of arm work or pushups and noticed that your arms actually look a little flushed?  That’s increased blood flow to the area or “the thermogenic effect”.

Working single exercises like sit-ups and donkey kicks still won’t work but when you pair specific muscle group training in a metabolically challenging workout, you’ll actually have a good chance of improving that area!

Sweat and raising your metabolism are imperative. Hard work, heart pounding metabolic raising exercise can make a difference to specific “spots”.

None of us like back fat!  And now we can do something specific about it!

Set your timer for 30 seconds of work with a 10 second transition. Repeat this circuit three times through for just over 10 minutes of sweaty work.

  • wall sit stick up
  • DB row (weak side)
  • Db row (strong side)
  • squat jumps (full body extensions or squat jumps with shoe touch)
  • plank recovery

Take notice in particular of Shawna’s set up with the plank.  Doing this ‘hardstyle’ means you’ll be working intensely under ‘tension’.  Lock your shoulders back, tuck your elbows in tight, tense your legs and brace your abs hard.  It’ll feel harder than your usual plank but so worth it!  Oh, don’t hold your breath.

You can get rid of your back fat, or whatever  trouble spot area you’re looking to lose with  our fun and challenging workout series “Trouble Spot Training”.

trouble spot training cover

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Fiesta Breakfast Taco

This delicious dish is made with egg whites and sautéed vegetables and makes a wonderful light breakfast. Enjoy with salsa for an added kick.

Servings: 2

Fiesta Breakfast Taco

Here’s what you need…

1/4 cup onion, chopped
1 medium green bell pepper, chopped
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 medium tomato, chopped
3/4 cup egg whites (about 4 large egg whites)
2 wheat tortillas
1/4 of a small avocado
A dash of Paprika
A dash of Garlic salt

1. Spray a medium frying pan with cooking spray. Sauté the onion, bell pepper and garlic until soft. Add the tomato and egg whites. Cook until the egg whites have set.

2. Divide the egg and veggie mixture between the tortillas and fold like a taco.

3. Slice the avocado and sprinkle it with paprika and garlic salt. Arrange the avocado on each taco and serve.

Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 243 calories, 5g fat, 35g carbohydrate, 6g fiber, and 15g protein.

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Q & A – HIIT and Fat Loss


Amy asked:   I’ve noticed that some fitness experts recommend doing 20 minutes of HIIT 3x a week, while others say to do it every day. What do you and Shawna recommend?

Lisa replied:  I receive a lot of emails from women who are confused about the difference between “Intensity” and “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT).  Shawna and I want you to ALWAYS approach your workouts with Intensity but recommend that you complete HIIT training no more than 3 times a week.  They’re two different things. 

Intensity is one issue – it’s lifting heavy, it’s moving through conditioning workouts quickly, it’s really putting in to every single rep.  And that’s what our workouts are all about.  Working with intensity and purpose.

HIIT or metabolic bursting as it’s sometimes referred to is working at extremely high intensity, up to 9/10 effort, for short bursts of work of sprint type activity, with longer periods of recovery.  For example, I did a workout last week from Mike Whitfields Sprint Conditioning program which required me to sprint for 10 seconds and recover for 1 minute.  I needed that whole minute to recover because the 10 seconds of work was flat out effort.  The clue to how hard you’re working is how quickly you recover – if you recover very quickly, chances are you need to work harder.  How you rate your 9/10 is very personal – it’ll relate to your own level of fitness.

Now let’s complicate this picture just a tad;  I chose to do flat sprints for Mikey’s workout and those sprints were done as a HIIT session because I put in the 9.99/10 effort, but one of my less fit friends chose different exercises that she could better manage – she worked very hard for her level of fitness. She swapped out the sprints for skipping and Total Body Extensions and pushed hard but she rated her exertion as 8/10.  So we would describe her training as intervals with intensity but not HIIT.

So keep training with intensity – excellent!  If you have the fitness, work hard on no more than three sessions of HIIT a week –  less than 20 minutes of total work with each smoking-hot-intense burst of activity requiring at least double the work time in recovery.  If you recover too quickly, you didn’t work hard enough.

HIIT is very trendy right now, and lots of fitness people who should know better are using the expression inaccurately to describe their workouts.  Pushups can be intense, but they don’t qualify as HIIT exercises. I hope that clears some confusion.


Samantha asked:  I’m a bit of a diet junkie and I like trying different diets but I quickly become bored.  I’m 51 and my body is changing, I think I’m even a different shape from when I was 40.  My daughter and I did a diet over summer and she lost weight really quickly but nothing really happened for me?  I hate my belly flub and just want to lose 10lb – it’s so frustrating and I get upset and struggle to stay with my healthy eating.

Lisa replied:  It’s like hitting 40 years of age is a magic button isn’t it!  For many of us, losing body fat becomes a long hard struggle.  It isn’t as easy as when we were in our 20’s, that’s absolutely true!  But only a diet (and I really mean a style of eating) that is sustainable long term will make permanent changes.  And though it’s not sexy to say so, it’s the adoption of long term, consistent habits that will make the ultimate difference.

Mindful eating is what will change your waistline long term.  Making careful choices 90% of the time, eating slowly, never eating till you’re stuffed and eating whole clean foods is what counts.  A lady who knows exactly what it’s like to struggle with her weight and WIN has a nutrition guide that might be helpful to you.  Maureen Garry developed Flat Belly Breakthrough after her own struggles in her 40’s.  Her eating plan is specifically for women of our age who struggle with their weight and constantly battle hormonal weight gain.


Remember you can always shoot me an email with your own questions – Shawna and I love answering your queries and trying to settle fitness and nutrition confusion.  Health and fitness isn’t easy but the principles should always be simple.

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5 minute trick to losing fat (hint: involves chocolate)

Guest Post: Maureen Garry

Let’s talk FAT.

Better yet, let’s talk about LOSING fat – that extra padding that crept onto your belly, hips and thighs while you weren’t looking.

But first, let me ask you something: Have you found that losing fat after age 40 is a lot harder than it used to be in your younger years?

ME TOO! In fact, I just about gave up and resigned myself to living with the soft backside and lumpy thighs of a typical 50+ year old woman, until I found the secret to losing fat after age 40.

You see, after age 40 you’re heading into perimenopause, with sex hormones as wacky as an adolescent’s. I learned that if you don’t manage your diet and exercise to account for these changes, taking off any extra weight can seem almost IMPOSSIBLE.

But there’s good news! It’s not difficult to make your body burn extra fat after 40 if you know what to do. You can balance your hormones and lose weight easily with the RIGHT kinds of foods and exercise.

WAIT! Before you roll your eyes and think I’m going to say eat more broccoli and chicken breasts, take a look at this delicious fat-burning, hormone-balancing shake. This sweet treat is perfect in the afternoon when you’re looking for an energy boost, but also makes a great high-energy start to any over-40 fat-burning day.

DON’T be afraid of the fat in this recipe. It’s part of the secret to losing fat on your body! 

Hi-Protein Chocolate Avocado Cream Shake

1 cup water

2 tbsp chia seeds

1/3 of a ripe avocado

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1-2 handful(s) of fresh or frozen spinach (relax, you won’t even taste it!)

1 -2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder


Stevia to taste (optional)


Add water to blender; sprinkle chia seeds on top. Add remaining ingredients and blend it all together on high, adding extra water as desired, until light and fluffy. Delicious!

You can use recipes like this to get a flat belly at any age. You don’t need fancy foods, supplements or special proprietary ingredients. You can eat the same foods you feed your family and keep all your social engagements; you just need to have a smart strategy.

Get the lean and sexy body you want, even over 40.  I can help you do that with my new program Flat Belly Breakthrough.

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Maureen Garry, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Flat Belly Breakthrough

 Maureen Garry wants you to thrive. Having gone through weight struggles of her own and figuring out how to lose fat over 40, she’s now reaching out to help other women do the same. Maureen has a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and spent many years in medical device research witnessing the pain and suffering caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

Her new program, Flat Belly Breakthrough, helps women over 40 lose fat and get healthy.


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